On the 11th of April 2019 celebrated Black Star Karting its premiere as the first and only electric go-kart center in Russia.

There is currently no relative go-kart track in Russia that could be a worthy alternative to Black Star Karting: 420 meters two-stage ride, coated with the latest polymer layer. This coating ensures excellent kart control while driving. In addition, this route offers bridges, tunnels, several wheelchair ramps, and all this is accompanied by special music and light effects.

Black Star Karting is located in the shopping center Riviera, in Moscow.

At this go-kart center, you'll have the opportunity to test all sorts of Rimo electric karts on the innovative track: iON for adults, mini for kids, twin for a tandem ride.

ATLAS took over the consulting, planning, delivery and assembly of the go-karts.