The new theme park ANHOR Lokomotiv Park opened in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, this year. The main attraction of the park is the AXELON Karting Club with 42 go-karts on 7.000 m² and 550m racetrack. It offers a great racing experience for all ages. 12-15 race driver can enjoy the racetrack at the same time.

ATLAS International did the whole project planning and delivery of the all the equipment. This includes the go-karts with driving equipment, the timing system and the kart-track-guiding-system. Furthermore ATLAS International was responsible for the setup of the racetrack and its different components and putting it into service.

Visitors have the choice between 4 different types of go-karts. The RIMO Alpha² is the top model under the petrol-powered karts and it offers with full configuration the maximum pleasure and safety of driving. The RIMO EVO6 embodies the ultimate in sportiness of all karts and is characterized by dynamic and elegant driving experience. The RIMO Mini is the best kart for the younger rider. The fourth model, the RIMO TWiN, provides double fun with two seats.