The mission of ATLAS International is to support regions of Eastern Europe in the area of ​​road traffic and traffic safety. We want to provide our customers with holistic support in all business areas: from the conception to the operational work. The constant striving for excellence thanks to the good education of our employees guarantees the competence which we offer.

On the 25th of  November 2019 ATLAS International GmbH confirmed all the requirements of ISO 9001. ATLAS team has proven that all the processes, what were defined in the company, are complied with the international ISO standard and enable the mission of ATLAS.

Furthermore, our customers are characterized by their cultural diversity. Different legal bases, currency regulations or government procurements are creating factors that have to be noted. As a result, values of our company ​​include a certain mixture of tolerance and professionalism in every situation that we are dealing with. The certificate confirms that the ATLAS team incorporates all these important factors and accordingly complies customer's requirements.

We are pleased that our mission and values ​​have passed the quality test. We wish our employees "bon courage" in future projects.