Security Documents & Personalization

  • Development of technical specifications for high security documents
  • Consulting in regard to data registration, personalization and verification
  • Trainings to selected subjects
  • Security documents (driving licenses, vehicle documents, ID-documents etc.)
  • Security stickers (like vehicle inspection stickers), holograms and security foils
  • Equipment for data registration, personalization and verification
  • Establishment of local personalization centers for high security documents
  • Complete solutions and equipment concerning digital tachographes
  • Systems and solutions concerning road traffic management
  • In these domains we cooperate with reliable partners


High security documents
High security documents
High security documents

High security documents

High security documents
We offer solutions for production and personalization of national documents having a high level of safety and quality. The product range expands from the paper documents to the high quality polycarbonate cards with different security features. These documents are used as vehicle registration documents, driving licenses and stickers of technical vehicle inspection. Our offering contains the customer-specific design of documents, integration of the chip-based solutions as well as establishment of local personalization centers.

Security foils

High security documents
The security foils reliably protect and secure your documents against forgery and manipulations. The thin foils contain different security features and will be laminated on documents. Foils will be destroyed with attempt of delamination. These foils can be used both for document protection and as the separate documents applied on the license plates or on the vehicle windshield. We realize our solutions in close cooperation with customers to meet their specific needs.

Personalization equipment

High security documents
When selecting a personalization system for the different kinds of security documents we consult and assist our customers in finding the best personalization solution. These can be set up as central or decentralized systems. Our service portfolio covers delivery, installation, commissioning as well as service training.