Number Plates & Machinery

  • Planning, production and delivery of license plates
  • Quality increase by safety features like holograms and laser codes
  • Wide range of mounting solutions and frames for number plates
  • Assistance in selecting of number plates manufacturing machines
  • Support on government bidding process
  • Cooperation with the reliable partner – ERICH UTSCH AG


Vehicle License Plates

Vehicle License Plates
We provide governmental organizations with solutions for introduction of new license plates. These comprise the country-specific symbols, security features protecting against forgery as well as unique design. By using characteristic fonts, colors and graphic symbols we bring the country identity to expression. Furthermore, we realize the planning of complete manufacture plants tailored to your needs and wishes. Additionally we supply our clients with materials and half-finished products, such as hot stamping foils and license plate blanks.

Mounting systems

Vehicle License Plates
Each license plate can be provided with a frame to allow license plate to be attached to vehicle without using screws. The design and functions of the frames are in ingoing development ensuring compliance with the mounting conditions and all body designs. The license plate frame can be also used as an attractive advertising space adapted to your needs. The latest screen print and digital print systems provide surprisingly creative advertising options.


Vehicle License Plates
License plates production is a two-stage procedure. At the first stage the blanks are being produced from Aluminum and reflective sheeting. It requires high investments and is profitable only for high volume orders. The second stage is the on-site personalization. This step comprises embossing of alphanumeric text and the coloring by the application of hot stamping foil. We are particular in finding the right model for each application.