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MultaRadar CD moving

Radar speed enforcement system in moving mode:
MultaRadar CD moving is installed in the patrol car and performs speed measurement both in moving mode and in stationary mode.
The system performs automatic fixation of speed violations on the road section with up to 6 lanes in approaching and departing traffic flow.
The system allows to set various permissible speeds for cars and trucks.
Applications for MultaRadar CD:

  • In-vehicle unit with a fixation of speed violations through the windshield as in moving mode of the patrol car, and in stationary mode
  • In-vehicle unit with a fixation of speed violations through the rear window in stationary mode
  • On the tripod                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
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TraffiStar S350

A flexible speed enforcement solution based on laser technology:
TraffiStar S350 operates with modern non-invasive Robot laser scanner technology and offers ultimate flexibility, allowing measurement in both directions. The measuring system offers speed measurement in approaching and departing traffic on roads with up to 6 lanes.
All system’s components are mounted on a compact frame. This frame (MiniRack) can also be used as carrier for other components. The system offers a high degree of variability and can be installed in a housing, on a tripod, in a container or mounted as an in-vehicle unit.
By tracking the vehicles, a clear assignment of the measurement is guaranteed.
TraffiStar S350 reliably differentiates between different classes of vehicles in approaching and/or departing traffic and monitors different speed limits - both for vehicle classes and lanes.


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